Tooth Fairy Leaves Cryptocurrency Under Pillows

“The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever”

Houston, TX, 2018 – In today’s day, children are getting more than they expected under their pillow. Children’s author and Houston native, Zane Carson Carruth, say’s “The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever” is setting the stage for a new era for the Tooth Fairy!

“It’s brilliant! This is the currency of the future, and Zane jumped right on board and is sharing her story, about where the Tooth Fairy came from and look where we are now!” said Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group. “Even Fairytales have to be up on the times and stay in the now,” added Mazzone.

Zane takes readers on a journey through Tulip Hollow in the eyes of a little fairy named Abella as she takes on new challenges, adventures, and courage to solve unexpected problems. This fun adventure leads to beginning the tooth fairy tradition we all love and puts a spin on how it all got started.

Zane wants parents to share this story and be sure to leave some cryptocurrency and educate children on the new and innovative system for currency that’s in our world today.

“I try to look at the world through a child’s perspective and knowing that today’s kids are growing up with cryptocurrency, our Tooth Fairy will adapt to that too,” said Zane.

This book sprinkled some fairy dust onto every book shelf it sits on. “The World’s First Tooth Fairy” is currently available for purchase at River Oaks Bookstore , Tomfoolery Toys and Books, Museum of Fine Arts Houston – Museum Shop, Northshire Bookstore, The Bookstore Plus, Palm Beach Book Store and The Book People.

More about The World’s First Tooth Fairy
Have you ever wondered how the tooth fairy tradition started? Join Abella, a precocious little fairy on her journey through Tulip Hollow with her friend Darcie. Abella finally has the chance to venture out of the castle and fly to a party with Darcie when she is snatched by a big old bee and flown out of Tulip Hollow. Find out how Abella frees herself from the bee and discovers children for the first time. Follow along as she shows great courage and resourcefulness to solve an unexpected problem and return home to Tulip Hollow. It is during this challenge that Abella accidentally starts the tooth fairy tradition. The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever is a delightful book about adventure, bravery and how being curious is often a very good thing. Can purchase on Amazon!

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Book Signing, 4/29/18 – San Antonio

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World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever Earned the Story Monsters Seal of Approval

CHANDLER, AZ (March, 2018) – The judges of the Story Monsters Approved program, which recognizes accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature have spoken, and The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever by Zane Carson Carruth has earned the seal of approval.

The colorful, kid-friendly Story Monsters Approved seal attracts the attention of young readers much more than a sticker intended for adult scrutiny. Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved patch it means children their own age enjoyed the book and are recommending they read it, too. How do they know that? Because after books pass the first round of rigorous judging by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval.

“Who better to judge children’s books than the kids who read them?” explains Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters LLC., the same company that sponsors the Dragonfly Book Awards program. “Judging these books gives children a wonderful sense of importance and responsibility. Some of our judging coordinators have told us that students who usually don’t enjoy reading or have difficulty reading have gotten a much-needed boost due to their judging responsibilities and have requested to serve as judges again.”



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